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Madhunashi Protocol, our highly effective method for reversing obesity-related diabetes, is delivered to participants through our engaging and transformative 21-days.

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Madhunashni Therapy

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Vikrant Sawant

Namaskar! My Name is Vikrant Sawant, Diabetes Buster Expert and I help Obese Diabetes Patients to reverse their diabetes using our proven Road Tested Madhunashni Protocol in 21 days. For the last 6+ years, I have worked with 30000 plus obese diabetics, helping them to achieve avg blood glucose below 100 via My Madhunashni Protocol. The best way to break off diabetes is to learn how to achieve it naturally. 

Madhunashni Protocol - Tejas

Madhunashi Protocol, our highly effective method for reversing obesity-related diabetes, is delivered to participants through our engaging and transformative 21-day  Tejas Obese Diabetes Reversal Challenge, conducted online. This unique challenge provides individuals with a comprehensive opportunity to not only understand the principles of the Madhunashni Protocol but also to learn and implement it successfully under the guidance and expertise of our self-trained Diabetes Expert.

The Tejas program offers all participants a structured platform where they can:

  1. Gain knowledge: Participants will acquire a deep understanding of the Madhunashni Protocol, including its principles and techniques.
  2. Learn implementation: Through interactive sessions and practical guidance, participants will learn how to effectively implement the Madhunashni Protocol into their daily lives.
  3. Receive expert guidance: Our self-trained Diabetes Expert will provide continuous support and personalized guidance throughout the program, ensuring that participants have the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve optimal results.
  4. Foster community support: Participants will be part of a vibrant and supportive community, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar health goals, providing a motivating and encouraging environment.

The Tejas program is designed to empower participants to take control of their health and reverse obesity-related diabetes using the proven Madhunashni Protocol. Join us in this transformative journey towards better health and improved well-being. Enroll today and unlock your full potential for a healthier, happier life.

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“At sawant yoga, we use every possible tool, like our body, mind, emotions, energies and its subtleties to have people experience what it is to be truly joyful and blissed out.Though , lot of our students and followers, initially come with some acute conditions like back pains, frozen shoulders, neck and dorsal issues, insomnia , depression , anxiety, mental conditions, obsessive compulsive disorders, leg pains, knee pain, emotional turmoil or some physical limiting conditions. We deploy our yogic, marmik and energy kriyas and sadhana to help a person to come to terms with such issues and help him/her to have relief from the sufferings. Come enhance your experience and improve your physical , spiritual life with us at sawantyoga.”