For lot of people, yoga starts on the mat and ends on the mat as well. It’s come to be recognized as only a physical practice. However, the deeper aspects of the yog and its relevance can only be experienced when it is not JUST an activity but an endeavor. Endeavor to see the life in its totality from all the aspects of existence and being.

At sawant yoga, we use every possible tool, like our body, mind, emotions, energies and its subtleties to have people experience what it is to be truly joyful and blissed out.

Though , lot of our students and followers, initially come with some acute conditions like back pains, frozen shoulders, neck and dorsal issues, insomnia , depression , anxiety, mental conditions, obsessive compulsive disorders, leg pains, knee pain, emotional turmoils or some physical limiting conditions.

We deploy our yogic, marmik and energy kriyas and sadhana to help a person to come to terms with such issues and help him/her to have relief from the sufferings.

When it comes to the practice, we follow lot of practices, sadhana not just restricted to one style or methods. We try and combine many types and aspects of practices that would bring around changes in person inside out.

Lot of the students initially may approach the practice, to get some physical relief however, once that is achieved, then the focus is on how to Transcend the mind and its limitations.

We want to be able to get everyone who is ready to Explore, Experiment and Experience, their own divinity with least efforts and proper guidance.

If you wish to further enhance your experience and improve your physical , spiritual endeavour, you have come to the right place.

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