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Introducing “Ojas,” an integral component of our renowned Madhunashni Protocol. Ojas is a comprehensive 6-month diabetes reversal program that provides students with an extended duration of support and guidance.

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Madhunashni Therapy

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Vikrant Sawant

Namaskar! My Name is Vikrant Sawant, Diabetes Buster Expert and I help Obese Diabetes Patients to reverse their diabetes using our proven Road Tested Madhunashni Protocol in 21 days. For the last 6+ years, I have worked with 30000 plus obese diabetics, helping them to achieve avg blood glucose below 100 via My Madhunashni Protocol. The best way to break off diabetes is to learn how to achieve it naturally. 

Madhunashni Protocol - Ojas

Throughout the 6-month journey, students will work closely with our dedicated team. The program encompasses various phases, each designed to address specific aspects of diabetes reversal:

  1. Alkalizing Phase: In this initial phase, students will focus on alkalizing the body, optimizing nutrition, and establishing a solid foundation for the subsequent stages.
  2. Detox and Cleanse Phase: Students will undergo a thorough detoxification and cleansing process to eliminate toxins and promote overall wellness. This phase is crucial for rejuvenation and preparing the body for further progress.
  3. Toning Phase: During this stage, students will engage in targeted exercises, yoga practices, and specialized techniques to tone their bodies and enhance metabolic functions. This phase aims to further support the reversal of diabetes.
  4. Sustenance Phase: The final phase focuses on sustaining the progress made throughout the program. Students will receive ongoing guidance and personalized plans to maintain their improved health and continue their diabetes reversal journey even beyond the program’s duration.

The Ojas program provides an extended timeframe for students to experience a comprehensive transformation. By incorporating these sequential phases, students can witness significant improvements in their overall health, diabetes management, and well-being.

Join us on this 6-month journey towards reversing diabetes through the power of the Madhunashni Protocol. Invest in your health and embrace a vibrant, diabetes-free future. Enroll in the Ojas program today and take the first step towards lasting transformation.

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“At sawant yoga, we use every possible tool, like our body, mind, emotions, energies and its subtleties to have people experience what it is to be truly joyful and blissed out.Though , lot of our students and followers, initially come with some acute conditions like back pains, frozen shoulders, neck and dorsal issues, insomnia , depression , anxiety, mental conditions, obsessive compulsive disorders, leg pains, knee pain, emotional turmoil or some physical limiting conditions. We deploy our yogic, marmik and energy kriyas and sadhana to help a person to come to terms with such issues and help him/her to have relief from the sufferings. Come enhance your experience and improve your physical , spiritual life with us at sawantyoga.”