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Introducing “Praana,” our comprehensive residential cum digital program, designed to provide ongoing support and guidance to individuals who have successfully completed the Tejas and Ojas programs within the Madhunashni protocol.

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Madhunashni Therapy

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Vikrant Sawant

Namaskar! My Name is Vikrant Sawant, Diabetes Buster Expert and I help Obese Diabetes Patients to reverse their diabetes using our proven Road Tested Madhunashni Protocol in 21 days. For the last 6+ years, I have worked with 30000 plus obese diabetics, helping them to achieve avg blood glucose below 100 via My Madhunashni Protocol. The best way to break off diabetes is to learn how to achieve it naturally. 

Madhunashni Protocol - Praana

Praana is an essential continuation of the diabetes reversal journey, focusing on delving deeper into ongoing issues and concerns. This program is mandatory for individuals who have completed the foundational Tejas and transformative Ojas programs, as it builds upon the progress made in those phases.

Through the Praana program, participants receive continuous support, addressing the intricacies and complexities of their individual diabetes reversal journey. Our expert team works closely with each participant to identify and resolve any lingering challenges, provide personalized guidance, and optimize their overall well-being.

The residential aspect of the program allows participants to immerse themselves in a supportive environment where they can fully dedicate themselves to their health goals. Through a combination of immersive experiences, educational workshops, personalized consultations, and ongoing digital support, Praana ensures that participants receive the comprehensive care and attention they deserve.

The Praana program is designed to empower participants to overcome persistent obstacles, achieve long-term diabetes reversal, and maintain optimal health. By addressing deeper ongoing issues and concerns, participants can further enhance their well-being and sustain their progress in the journey towards a diabetes-free life.

Join us in the Praana program and experience the transformative power of ongoing support as you continue your path towards lasting diabetes reversal. Embrace a life of vibrant health and well-being. Enrol today and unlock the potential for ongoing success.

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“At sawant yoga, we use every possible tool, like our body, mind, emotions, energies and its subtleties to have people experience what it is to be truly joyful and blissed out.Though , lot of our students and followers, initially come with some acute conditions like back pains, frozen shoulders, neck and dorsal issues, insomnia , depression , anxiety, mental conditions, obsessive compulsive disorders, leg pains, knee pain, emotional turmoil or some physical limiting conditions. We deploy our yogic, marmik and energy kriyas and sadhana to help a person to come to terms with such issues and help him/her to have relief from the sufferings. Come enhance your experience and improve your physical , spiritual life with us at sawantyoga.”